Introduction to New Zealand

NZ is a great place to live, which is why it's such a great place to visit. In New Zealand you can still see how the world might have been . . . if only . . .

  • If only discovery hadn't led to despoliation. . .
  • If only high populations hadn't produced high pollution. . .
  • If only industrialisation hadn't led to exploitation. . .

Here in NZ we're not quite as far down those roads as much of the rest of the world. Here it's still possible to find true solitude - a place where, just maybe, no one's ever trodden before. . .

It's a country that could have been made with Backpackers in mind. An independent traveller with an open mind and a flexible itinerary can enjoy the fast disappearing freedom of simply wandering from place to place as the fancy dictates:

  • hanging around to find out what makes it tick;
  • moving on to get another view;
  • digging in to refresh the soul;
  • breaking out to test the spirit of adventure;
  • organised orgasmic adventure like sky diving and bungi jumping;
  • or the more personal self-sufficient adventure of tramping wild places.

Soon, all of this will be available through the virtual reality terminal on the front panel of your personal life-support system, but for now it's available only through the personal life support system on your back.

Take a chance on yourself.

Cast off the shackles of a planned route or a three day whistle-stop tour and leave your return ticket open-dated.

Convinced? . . . . . . . . Great !! . . . . . . . . . CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Pull on your pack, slip into your walking shoes, and head for some memorable experiences.

Travellers' feedback

Peter KimmelMy friend, my wife and me, we enjoyed our trip through New Zealand very much, because it was easy to travel and we felt very comfortable in the Backpacker Hostels... 
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My view of NZ!

Peter Kimmel
March 2012

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