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BBH Insurance offers simple economical third party insurance (with an optional Fire and theft extension) for travellers driving their own vehicles in NZ. The policy is non-refundable, not transferable and carries a standard excess of $500.

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Period of insurance cover required

Third Party Vehicle insurance for visitors of any nationality with their own transport. Also includes Motorcycles.

When purchased online, your policy and claims information is emailed as a PDF document and cover is from the date and time you specify.


Travellers visiting NZ may find that buying their own vehicle is an attractive option. Older but very serviceable vehicles are very affordable. HOWEVER it could completely ruin your holiday if a driving accident were to leave you responsible for 1000s of $'s worth of damage to someone else's property.

You should insure against this risk, but short term insurance for visitors can be difficult to arrange. Thanks to a BBH initiative, third party motor insurance is readily available from BBH.

It's attractively priced and designed specifically to suit vehicle owning visitors. Should you replace your vehicle, your new vehicle is automatically covered.


An Excess of NZD $500 will apply to any claim made against your policy.


The policy covers any driver temporarily authorised by the Insured but subject always to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

Cover – Option 1: Legal Liability

This option covers the legal liability of the Insured or drivers authorised by the Insured for damage to persons or property arising from accidents caused by the vehicle described above. The policy further extends to include any replacement vehicle purchased by the Insured during the Period of Insurance, but is limited to only one vehicle at any time. The maximum limit of liability any one claim and in the aggregate shall be NZD 1,000,000.

Cover – Option 2: Legal Liability, Fire and Theft

This option covers legal liability as described under Option 1 PLUS accidental damage to your vehicle arising out of fire, theft or illegal conversion. We can settle your claim in any of the following ways:

  • repairing, reinstating or replacing your vehicle (or its parts) to at least the condition it was in before the loss or damage;
  • paying you the market value (as defined below) of your vehicle;
  • paying you an amount that covers the reasonable cost of repairs to your vehicle.

The amount payable shall be limited to NZD $3,500 maximum.

‘Market Value’ is the price for which you could purchase the same or comparable vehicle having regard for its pre-loss age and condition.

There is no cover:

  • in respect of theft or illegal conversion of your vehicle while it is left unattended unless it is in a securely locked building or it has been fully locked and secured and the keys removed;
  • for the theft of wheels, stereos or any other accessories or parts unless the vehicle has been stolen or illegally converted;
  • for loss of use or any consequential loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Third Party Insurance mean? In the case of an accident where you are at fault, the other person's vehicle will be fixed but your vehicle will not.
  • What is an Excess? This is the maximum amount you will be required to pay in the event you make a claim on your policy.
  • Fire and Theft Extension: For a small additional fee, you can buy extra protection. Theft covers someone stealing your vehicle - but please note - it DOES NOT cover the contents of the car. You need normal Travel Insurance to cover your personal property. BBH also offers a standard Travel Insurance cover
  • How do I Make a Claim? When you buy your policy, a copy is emailed to you with the claims phone number. Keep it somewhere safe.
  • Can I pay by Eftpos or Cash? No, the online system only allows for payment by Mastercard or Visa.
  • Motor Bike Cover: The rates, terms & conditions and excesses for motor bikes are the same as those offered under the car policy, except that a Fire and Theft insurance option is NOT available for Motorcycles
  • Adding a Driver: Additional drivers can not be nominated after the policy has been issued, BUT any driver not noted on the policy may drive the car with the permission of the insured so long as they are properly licensed to do so, and follow the road rules of New Zealand.
  • Extending the Policy: Policies cannot be extended after purchase. We suggest you take out a longer policy if you are unsure of your length of stay.
  • Can I get a Refund or Partial Refund? Sorry - No. The policy is non-refundable.
  • Swapping Vehicles: If the original vehicle on a policy is replaced, cover remains as long as the registered owner of the new vehicle is the same as the original vehicle. We do not require notification of the change or your new Registration Plate number. In the event of a claim, the insurer will require proof of ownership of the your vehicle to confirm that cover exists.
  • Drivers Licence: You can drive on a valid drivers licence from your own country for up to one year. For more details, see
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