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About the BBH Club Card.

NZ's hostel network is very special. We think it's unequalled anywhere.  It's special because it's developed to meet the requirements of a special sort of traveller.  As it's developed it has become more sophisticated and now has an appeal for casual users who enjoy the informal and unpretentious atmosphere.  But the network still exists primarily to cater for the confirmed traveller and the BBH Club Card is intended to identify these traditional users as FREQUENT SLEEPERS.

BBH Club Cards cost $35 and are valid for 1 year from purchase.

Card Benefits

  • SAVE on Accommodation Costs with Frequent Sleeper Rates.
  • Preferential prices represent savings of $4 or more per person per night.
  • Discounts apply when booking any hostel on the BBH website.
  • Discounts apply booking directly with participating hostels.
  • Discounts do not apply when booking through any 3rd party website or agency.
  • Free registration and no extra fees or commissions.
  • The $4 per night discount will shortly be changing to 10%.

Deals and Discounts on Transport

The BBH Club Card introduces you to special deals and discounts designed to reduce some of the costs of travelling.

Please note: The BBH Deals and Discounts listed on this website are provided by independent operators.  Check their validity dates when booking online.

Card Rules

  • The BBH Club Card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Cards are available to both NZ citizens and international travellers.
  • Each adult (16 yrs & over) requires their own card & benefits are available only to the person named on the card.
  • There is NO Group / Family or Couples Card.
  • Children 15 & under receive the benefits when travelling with a cardholder.
  • The card is not transferrable or refundable.
  • Book direct & pay cash or use the BBH online booking system to receive advertised bed rates.
  • Where group bookings have been made by a Cardholder, any person in that group without a card will pay the non-card premium upon check-in.
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