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Friday 19 September 2014
19:45:42 (NZ Time)
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Fewer than 21 bedsWainui Lodge98
Moana Lodge97
Global Village93
Saltwater Lodge85

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BBH Club Card - What's it All About?

Card Rules|FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • New Zealand's network of backpacker style accommodation sets the standard for the rest of the world!
  • Tailored primarily to suit the needs of free spirited independent travellers, the network offers a unique and extensive range of alternative accommodation options.
  • BBH prices are based on use by traditional Independent travellers for whom costs can be a very important consideration.
BBH is committed to helping you stay longer! We have introduced the BBH Club Card to recognise our "loyal customers" and help in several ways.
Card Benefits:
  1. Save on Accommodation Costs - Frequent Sleeper Rates
    The BBH Club Card gives users ("frequent sleepers") a guarantee of fixed prices.
    Club Card preferential prices represent savings of $3 or more per person per night over "casual" rates.

    PLUS.... Preferential On-Line booking options:

    BBH on-line bookings are available only to registered users.

    The BBH Club Card allows free registration and bookings free of extra charges or commissions.

    Non-Card Holders pay a nominal registration fee of $2, and then pay the NON BBH Club Card price listed on the BBH web site.

    Buy your Club Card on-line here NOW to avoid registration and booking fees. 

    NOTE: your Club Card number MUST be registered  BEFORE you make online bookings to get the Card Prices. 

    *** see FAQs below.
  2. Easy Economical Phone Calls - it's also a $20 Phonecard:
    Whether you need to phone the next BBH Hostel to book a bed or call home to catch up on the news, the Club Card doubles as a pre-paid phonecard from TelstraClear.

    For even greater savings, there is a speed dial system for calling BBH hostels. Calls can also be made from 32 other countries and foreign language "help" is available. See for more detail.

    Special Offer: Recharge your card and get 10% extra credit FREE !

    Phone 0508 508 773 and have your credit card details available.

    For more details, please refer to the Phone Instructions tab.

  3. Deals and Discounts on Activities & Transport
    The BBH Club Card introduces you to more than 100 special deals and discounts designed to reduce some of the costs of travelling and having a good time.

    Please note that the "deals and discounts" listed in this directory are provided by independent operators. They are valid till 31 October annually & may change without notice. View Deals and Discounts.

  4. Access to the BBH On-line Ratings Site:
    The Club Card (after free registration) is the key to BBH's on-line ratings. A pioneer of Backpacker ratings, BBH adds another dimension to help share others' experiences of BBH Accommodation to decide which BBH will suit you best. You can help the cause and record your own experiences too.
  5. Family / Children / Couples Membership:
    BBH has NO Family or Couples membership program. A card is required by each person who wants to access the card's benefits.  Children 15 years of age and less do not need a card. They will receive the same benefits as the caregiver they are travelling with.

Card Rules:

  1. The BBH Club Card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  2. Cards are available to both NZ citizens and international travellers.
  3. Each adult 16 yrs & over requires their own card & benefits are available only to the person named on the card. There is NO Group / Family or Couples Card.
  4. Children 15 & under receive the benefits when travelling with a cardholder.
  5. The card is not transferrable or refundable.
  6. Lost or stolen card will NOT  be replaced. Your card is an asset - please look after it - if you lose it, you'll have to buy another one!
  7. Book direct & pay cash or use the BBH on-line booking system to receive advertised bed rates.
  8. The details on the back of the card must be completed to validate the card.
  9. Cards & photo ID must be presented at check-in.
  10. Where group bookings have been made by a Cardholder, any person in that group without a card will pay the non-card premium upon check-in.
  • How do I buy a Club Card?
    BBH Club Cards can be purchased from any of the BBH hostels in NZ, from Auckland Visitor Information Centres - called i-Sites (including Auckland International Airport), or order on-line from here.

    Allow up to 21 days for delivery of on-line orders.

  • I'm leaving home soon - can I have my card sent to a NZ address or my first hostel? 
    Yes - the online order form will give you several NZ delivery options - it's on the Step 2 - just work through the ordering system and it will become apparent. 
  • I want to order a Card - can I have it sent to my first BBH Hostel for collection after I have made a booking?
    Yes - when you order your card - you will be given this delivery option on Step 2. Once you have received a booking confirmation, you must email us with the hostel name for card delivery.
  • I have ordered a card. Can I start to make online bookings immediately?
    YES - As soon as your order is completed - including payment by credit card, your BBH profile will be created and / or updated to enable bookings at Club Card rates.

  • I have already made some online bookings before I bought my card. Can these bookings be changed to the card prices?
    No - all online bookings made before you have correctly REGISTERED your Card Number on your profile will be charged at the non-Card rate.
  • How do I add my Card Number?
    Go to and LOGIN using your email address & password you registered:
    Click REGISTRATION DETAILS & scroll down to Section 2 "BBH Club Card Mailbox Number"
  • I have a Card. Can I make online bookings that include non-cardholders?
    Yes - BUT the group must include the person making the booking and any non-cardholders will be charged the non-card premium upon check-in.

Disclaimer:BBH takes every care in the compilation of its publications, but cannot be held responsible for loss or any other liability resulting from actions based on information published therein.

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